The Light Set


Feel the light. Infuse light into your images and enjoy your creative freedom with our unique Light Leak Collection. This set includes 70 genuine light leaks crafted by hand in-camera. That's right, theres no faking it, we've captured real light. 

We're also taking it one step further and combining 50 bonus Photoshop Actions that work seamlessly with your Light Leaks to produce quality finished photographs that ooze style, creativity and add a sense of individuality. 

So whether you're after an artistic film-like look, or just a subtle boost of oh-so-good light to give your images a point of difference, we've created a versatile collection that will suit all. So, are you feeling creative?


All our high resolution light leaks were created in-camera allowing for an authentic light experience, ready to be infused into your images. 


You're in control - resize, rotate and shape the leaks however you like. Add one, add two, brush off, brush on. Combine with our Photoshop Actions to create unique works of art.


Compatible with: Photoshop CC | Photoshop CS 4-6 | Photoshop Elements 11-15

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